Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie is a look at what it goes through to develop a video game on a small level. These are literally games made by most times one to two people, sometimes a few more than that, but never a big team. IGTM shows the hardships of going through this process and also the successes and they do a fantastic job at it. They also do a great job at making you relate to these game developers. You have on one side someone like Phil Fish who is absolutely polarizing. I can see why people wouldn't like Phil, but I think he shows what everyone else in this movie shows is a deep passion for his project. He's a guy that, honestly, can come across as a complete dick but I think he just wants his game to be great and is super stressed about it. I think he may take criticism too hard, but that all comes down to the passion he has for Fez. You also have guys like Ed and Tommy, who made Super Meat Boy, that just want to make the kind of game they want to play. Yes, they wanted to reach a big audience if they could, but their passion was to finish this game that they loved and wanted to make. The way they took the success was great, and you could tell that they had genuine enjoyment over people enjoying their game when it finally released. They also showed Jonathan Blow, maker of Braid, who was so passionate about what he thought of his game that even the positive reviews were hard for him. He had this vision of what he wanted Braid to be and didn't think people "got it." While that may seem hard to believe for something very successful, it's just a different way to look at things when you have that passion. Indie Game: The Movie is a terrific documentary about aspects of game development that we just don't get to see and about the people who make games and the sacrifices these people make to see their passions come to fruition. It's absolutely worth watching for anyone, whether you love video games or not. It's a must see for anyone who loves video games, but I think people who just have any interest at all will gain from having watched this as well. Check this out! It's available now through purchase on iTunes, Steam, and also just through their website at . I will also include the direct iTunes link down below so you can check it out!