Orcs Must Die 2 - Indie October

Hey everyone, today I played Orcs Must Die 2 available for the PC through Steam. If you enjoyed the first one there is even more to enjoy in this one. For those who haven't played Orc Must Die before the game is a mixture between tower defense and straight up action. In OMD 2, you can choose to play as the War Mage character from the first game or the new character the Sorceress, who just so happens to be the one who tried to kill you in the first game. The characters play a bit more different as the Sorceress focuses on magic and long range attacks right from the start where the War Mage can do more melee damage from the outset. You can choose how you want to play with each character though. Basically, in OMD 2 you start off each level setting up traps like spikes, a freeze trap that freezes orcs as they cross over top, or the acid wall which sprays deadly acid as they pass by. You can also fight them by straight up using your weapon of choice along with the various traps at your disposal. I chose to play as the Sorceress so my main attacks were magic based, and she also has a secondary attack which charms an enemy and then they attack other orcs. The game is a pretty straightforward tower defense action game where the goal is to keep the orcs from making in further down into the mine that you're defending. Robot Entertainment takes this simple concept and adds a lot of depth to it. You can upgrade your defenses, buy more weapons, etc with the skulls you earn for doing well in the levels. They have some other modes such as the Endless mode, which is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Overall, this game is just really a lot of fun and once you start playing you'll get addicted. So, go check it out as it's $14.99 on Steam right now!