Beware the Gonzo - Indie October

Beware the Gonzo is story about Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman (Ezra Miller), a kid in a prep school who is ousted from his school newspaper for trying to become the voice for the voiceless (misfits, nerds, outcasts). So, naturally, he decides to start his own newspaper with his friends Ming Na (Stephanie Hong), Rob (Griffin Newman), Schneeman (Edward Gelbinovich), and a girl named Evie (Zoe Kravitz)  who just wants to see the newspaper editor Gavin (Jesse McCartney) knocked down a peg. They combine the paper along with their website and use controversy to turn the school on it's head. The movie follows along your typical high school fare as you have the jocks, the nerds, the outcasts, and the like, but while it presents itself as the typical high school movie it has a lot more underneath the surface.  They break a big news story about the school cafeteria, and it even gets some local news coverage. It's not just about the newspaper, but about the relationships that are cultivated from the paper. It gets ugly when the jocks fight back with the newspaper that Gonzo was ousted from. I have to say that I liked this movie a lot. The funny moments are legitimately funny, and  the serious moments work as well. It's well written and well acted. I think it's one of the best movies I've watched so far for Indie October, so stop reading what I'm saying and go watch it. It's available on Netflix and Amazon Streaming Video right now!

Beware the Gonzo
Starring Jesse McCartney, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Campbell Scott, Amy Sedaris