The Puffy Chair - Indie October

Today for Indie October, I watched The Puffy Chair which stars Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton  from The League. It was written by Mark and his brother Jay Duplass, who also directed. The movie is about a journey for Josh (Mark's character) who goes on a road trip with his girlfriend (Katie Aselton) to pick up a puffy chair for his dad's birthday grabbing his brother (Rhett Wilkins) along the way. You can tell that the movie had a low budget ($15,000 to be exact), but the budget doesn't hamper the film at all. It's about the relationships of Josh and his girlfriend, Emily, as well as the one between him and his brother, Rhett. You can tell that him and his brother are opposites, but seem to have a good relationship, seem to. The turmoil comes in Josh and Emily's relationship, where she wants him to be romantic but he doesn't. It also comes to a head when Josh and Rhett clash over the puffy chair with a deeper meaning behind it. The ending may not be satisfactory to a lot of people, but I think it's all about the journey.  The writing and the acting are make the movie worth watching as they are both great. So, go check it out ! It's available on Netflix Streaming service right now, or if you want to check it out on Amazon I put the link below as well as Mark's newest movie Safety Not Guaranteed, which I hear is excellent. 

The Puffy Chair
Starring Juliet Fischer, Mark Duplass, Kathryn Aselton, Rhett Wilkins, Bari Hyman
The League: Season Three
Starring Nick Kroll, Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer, Stephen Rannazzisi, Katie Aselton
Safety Not Guaranteed
Starring Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson