Sanctum - Indie October

So, today for Indie October I played Sanctum for Indie October. Sanctum is a tower defense first person shooter from Coffee Stain Studios. Sanctum has some interesting ideas, you start off in a building phase where you can build various towers around the stage like any other tower defense games. You can build various structures, such as gatling guns  or lightning rods. You can also build a tower called the Televator which acts as a tower you can stand a top of to shoot the enemies as they make their way through the level. The core is what you are protecting from the various monsters coming through the portal. Sanctum has some good ideas, turning tower defense into a first person experience is a good idea. Unfortunately, it just doesn't get a lot of things right. The gameplay just didn't feel fun and their controller support was a mess. The controller does MOST of the things and when you're doing the combat parts it's fine. However, there are interface things that it won't do and you still have to use a mouse. Overall, it's not a bad game but it's also not a good game. If Steam is having a deal or you find this in a bundle I would say give it a shot as you may enjoy it more than I did but there are better indie games to spend time with.