Bad Ass - Indie October

Bad Ass is an action movie and a comedy starring Danny Trejo as old Vietnam veteran who never quite got a fair shake after the war. He gained local fame after he stopped a couple of thugs on a bus from harassing an old man. He just seems to be a guy trying to do the right thing in situations and tells everyone he's really not a violent man. It all changes when one of his friends is murdered and he realises that the cops aren't doing much to find out who kill him. So, he takes it into his own hands and investigates the murder, and does a way better job scanning the crime scene for evidence than the police did. Ron Perlman plays a corrupt mayor who was essentially behind the hit on Frank's (Danny Trejo) best friend, who was killed because he had a flash drive of evidence.  This is absolutely a story of revenge with a lot of ass-kickery and some legitimately funny moments. It culminates in a bus chase, yes, I said a bus chase through Los Angeles. If you like popcorn action flicks with a little bit of corniness and fun moments, then you should check out Bad Ass. The movie is worth your time. You can check it out now on Netflix streaming.

Bad Ass
Starring Danny Trejo, Charles S. Dutton, Ron Perlman, Patrick Fabian, Joyful Drake