To The Moon - Indie October

To The Moon is an indie game developed by Freebird Games. It just recently became available through Steam. The first two things that I noticed were the music was very well done and the graphics are beautiful. It kind of has a 16 bit style, but it's much better than that. Almost like a higher resolution, but more stylized and full of intricate detail Earthbound or Chrono Trigger. It's a top down style of RPG and very old school which is a good thing. After playing just a few minutes of it, you can tell that the dialogue is well written and you instantly get interested in what's going on. Basically, you're playing as doctors who can make last wishes come true. You show up at a man's house who is about to pass away, and his last wish is that he wants to go to the moon. However, to make the wish happen you need to find out more about the man. So, you walk around the house with his caretaker's children and try to unravel what becomes a mystery about a dying man. It seems really interesting, and I want to see what happens next. It seems like a lot of the things you find tie together. I found an origami book, and read a few passages and that comes into to light later on as well.  It seems like almost an adventure game in the form of an RPG. There is a moment when you're outside with the children and it comes up with a battle scenario Final Fantasy style and it ends up you're trying to roleplay with the kids to try to connect with them. This game seems awesome, and very interesting. The mystery and the intrigue that I experienced just in the first half hour make me want to keep playing this game and seeing what exactly it has to offer. In the first half hour it's definitely hard to describe. I plan to play some more of this throughout the week and talk about it on the next episode of Spiderduck Gaming, so stay tuned! To The Moon is available right now on Steam! If you like quirky games with an old school vibe and from what I can tell very good writing, check it out!