Episode 20 - Areola Reduction Surgery

Easter is over, so it’s safe to broadcast again!  Why not celebrate with ZR business cards?  Weeeeee!  Suedepup is livid over a Dead Rising 3 achievement glitch, and Damian Legion is introduced to the Onechanbara movies and video games (for better or worse).  [REC]3 is banished from the rest of the series thanks to Pup, and intelligent zombies are explored.  The crew at Zombie Cast flip their topic of last week to Z.E.D.D. Radio for discussion (Thanks, guys)!  Zombie vampires, gore on H1Z1, Zombie Dice revisited, Extinction Parade: War, and GWAR holla back to Sir Legion.  And can you find the hidden Nintendo joke in this episode?  Thanks for listening!  Stay safe out there!     



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