Episode 26 - Undead Liverwurst

E3 happened! Get ready for some zombie video game talk! Suedepup and Damian Legion discuss various ways to experience a zombie apocalypse if you’re not already in a high infection area: Times Scare, The Walking Dead Escape, I.R.L. Shooter, Oculus Rift, etc. Damian has a run-in with Munchkin Zombies, and Pup is disenchanted with the latest batch of free iOS zombie offerings and tablet gaming in general. Netflix offers some new zombie goodness this week, and the guys finally see “Doc of The Dead.” Lego voting, Zombie Nerf gear, State of Decay: Lifeline, the Resident Evil: Outbreak series, Zombie STDs, and a unique use for cold cuts, all in this episode. Enjoy! And as always, thank you for listening, subscribing, and reviewing us on iTunes and Stitcher. Stay safe out there, people!



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